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Locksmith Services

We cover Cotswold's, Eversham , Stratford upon Avon , Teweksbury , Worcester , Pershore, Birmingham, Worcester, Walsall, Kidderminster,

Coventry, West Midlands, 


Get a Free Estimate

We offer a free estimate service over the phone, we have tackled most jobs so we can generally give you an idea of cost, however in some cases we would need to see the vehicle, for instance a key broken off in the lock , this may take just a few minutes to remove or we may need to remove or drill the lock. So it would be impossible to estimate, what I can say is we are honest and fair with our prices and will do our best to solve the problem for you 


Best way to contact us is through whatsapp send a photo and a brief description, or message us on 07501 632010 and we will get straight back to you, please include the registration of your vehicle.       

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