Their are many companies offering a wide range of training courses, some good some not so good. When I first looked at this industry I was amazed at the size of the market over 3.6 Million cars on UK roads and that's a lot of keys. Lost, stolen, locked Out, they all need your help. 

It does take knowledge and skill and  getting that skill and knowledge can be difficult. The industry is guarded and most locksmiths will be reluctant to help.

Training schools offer a valuable insight and are a great way to get this business going. However once you have completed your 3 or 5 days course what do you do now?

Left on your own with the basics won't earn you any money and most of the training companies will be calling you to buy their products, telling you that you need this and that. Before you reach for your wallet you may need to take stock of what is available. It can be a very expensive mistake to get it wrong. We at FOX LOCKS do not sell anything, and our recommendation are based purely on what you really need and where to buy it from.  

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Our Training is totally "hands on" real jobs and real customers. We program, clone, make new keys, open cars, pick locks, repair remotes, replace lost keys. We do everything on site in our mobile workshop.


This is why our training is totally unique, we show you the up's and downs the difficulties and the problems, and how to overcome them , all the tricks of the trade based on our own experiences.

Become part of the team. Take a look at Nick one of our first trainees.     

COVID 19 Training Update


Strange times indeed but we are committed to providing a first class service.

Let’s first talk about the training , everyone has a different skill level for that reason we run an evaluation day.

 This is a day on the van with Scott, me or both of us starting at 12 noon until 5pm. 

 we are very straight talking and the evaluation gives our students an opportunity to learn about what we do and how we do it without committing to the course,  it also gives us a chance to bond and see how you would feel about working with the fox team.


 I will give an honest  appraisal at the end of the day on how the day went and talk about how to start your new career.


When you finish the course we want you to join the Fox team of ongoing training and help, the great thing about social media is that armed with your smart phone you can get our help remotely as part of our ongoing training and support.

  Training courses are great but you will only learn this job hands on, there is no shortcut and some of the courses out their are designed just to sell you the equipment. 

So what we offer is totally different from what you will get from a residential classroom course.

OK what do you get?

Hands on Training on the van one to one.

Our books, a collection of key books, remote books, chips information and lots more so you can navigate your way through the vast amount of keys locks and remotes.

Info , we have collated the cheapest places to buy keys for $1.00 cutting machines for £2k  on this alone you will save thousands of pounds following our advice .

Ongoing support,

what we have found is that you will be a cat in the headlights on your first few jobs once you go on your own, but you will have our support, we will build your confidence and believe me in a few weeks you will be flying. 

On your own but not by yourself.

Our on-line whats-app group shares new ideas and new tech with you, saving you hundreds of pounds we test and evaluate before sharing it with the group.

OK I’m going to chunk the training into 2 parts

I day evaluation 12 NOON to 5 PM  £160 


Part 1.Of 2 .  5 days on the van.  Mon to Fri  £2200  including all the books.

At the end we will help you buy the right equipment and show you where to buy at the right price .

Part 2 of 2, another 5 Days on the van  Mon to Fri  £1500,

This should be the week that you’re getting ready to start setting up your business for real, practise, using your own equipment and getting you in the driving seat including  2 months on line support 


1 Day showing you how we get the work, how to set up google and what website works best We have an website template you can use, tips on approaching garages , business cards , tips on upselling to customers what works, pricing, and how to build a database of garages.

Fast track your income £250  

Plug into the Fox team £150 Per month for as long as you like

Come back and learn all about ECU’s Eprom and more on our advanced course price T.B.A

Remember this is a new business and career it won't happen over night , our job is to get you started and support you but think about this financial commitment for equipment and training.

before you decide.

We look forward to seeing you soon 

COVID up Date

9th July 2020

Scott and I have been evaluating the statistics and foremost in our minds is our and your safety and care, today 9th July 2020 the UK has 581 New cases we think that the risk is acceptable to start training so we would like to announce that we will start on the 1st of August providing that on the 1st the figure is the same or lower than than 581 fingers crossed we don't spike we will still be holding our evaluation days from today . 

Training is on a first come first to book basis so to avoid disappointment book now if we do spike we will offer alternative dates or full refund