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Their are many companies offering a wide range of training courses, some good some not so good. When I first looked at this industry I was amazed at the size of the market over 31.9 Million cars on UK roads and that's a lot of keys. Lost, stolen, locked Out, they all need your help. 

It does take knowledge and skill and  getting that skill and knowledge can be difficult. The industry is guarded and most locksmiths will be reluctant to help.

Training schools offer a valuable insight and are a great way to get this business going. However once you have completed your 3 or 5 days course what do you do now?

Left on your own with the basics won't earn you any money and most of the training companies will be calling you to buy their products, telling you that you need this and that. Before you reach for your wallet you may need to take stock of what is available. It can be a very expensive mistake to get it wrong. We at FOX LOCKS do not sell anything, and our recommendation are based purely on what you really need and where to buy it from. 


Our Training is totally "hands on" real jobs and real customers. We program, clone, make new keys, open cars, pick locks, repair remotes, replace lost keys. We do everything on site in our mobile workshop.

This is why our training is totally unique, we show you the up's and downs the difficulties and the problems, and how to overcome them , all the tricks of the trade based on our own experiences.

Become part of the team. Remember this guy on the right , take a look at him 6 Months on   

The Training 2023


The training is a 5 day course covering all aspects of an Auto Locksmith business.

Scott and I are hands on with the training split into 2 parts first part is 9am until 4 pm or until we finish depending on the day.

Day 1.

We will briefly show you the all the equipment before going into depth about how it all works, first things first lets draw out the business a visual overview of what you need . We will then start to show you how to pick a vehicle open and decode a key.

Day 2.

 How to use insta code, how to find the right key blank, getting key codes, and cutting a key.

Day 3. 

Key Programming and Key Cloning, How to identify the right transponder and Remote

Day 4.

The Books , Key Book , Remote Book , Chip and Lishi Book and all the apps . What equipment you’re going to need, and where to get it.   


Day 5.  Start to finish all keys lost your ready to make a working key 

Above, is a brief overview of the first 5 days , in reality it’s a mad week, we hope some things go wrong and we get all sorts of challenges this is where you really learn the job.

My background has helped me put the business into a process, with the books covering what key, chip, pick and remotes, we have done a great job in putting together everything you need to be a success.

Think of this as a 5 day fast start, you should be in a position at the end to start buying some equipment, we will show you what to buy and were to get it, saving you thousands of pounds. Maximum amount of students on the course at one time is 2 so you really get a one to one training.


Part 1 you can now pick open , cut a key and program the vehicle .


Part 2 we suggest that you take a short break of a week or 2 , have time to get some equipment and sort the van,  get ready for part 2 this is much the same as part one but your going to do some live stuff, all very exciting, and by the end of the second week your ready to start making money, believe me when I say you can make an exceptional income working 3 days a week, we get paid for what we know not what we do, the satisfaction you get from a simple lock out is truly amazing at £85 for 2 or 3 minutes work it's very profitable.


Our hands on no nonsense approach is what we are good at bearing that in mind lets talk money.

 1 job average £185

you will do between 3 and 5 jobs a day. 

How much to get started.

well with a used van equipment and training you need to think about an investment of £10 to £15 K

Training is in 2 parts week 1 £2650.

Week 2 £1500, including on line phone video and group support while your in the field. 

You could decide you only want to do the 1st week I would suggest that this will depending on your skill level, maybe you have been practising picking watched lots of videos, and have a background in the motor industry, then week 1 may be for you, or maybe your a property developer like one of our very successful trainees, week 2 and the ongoing support was invaluable to Richard and he's doing incredible. 

In reality this is a 3 to 6 month learning curve with our help you will start your new career / business and never look back , we aren't here to  sell you a 5 min training and lift your leg for a load of overpriced equipment you don't need. 


 Before you make any decision

We suggest you jump in the car and come meet Scott and myself see the real deal and find out if this is for you before you do anything . 

Call 07501632010 and book a free day.

looking forward to seeing you soon   Peter & Scott

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